Smell Proof Technology

What is Activated Carbon?

The Secret to TrapPack is Activated Carbon, a substance identified after extensive research for its odor-neutralizing properties.
     Activated carbon is a carbonaceous, highly porous adsorptive medium that has a complex structure composed primarily of carbon atoms. The networks of pores in activated carbons are channels created within a rigid skeleton of disordered layers of carbon atoms, linked together by chemical bonds, stacked unevenly, creating a highly porous structure of nooks, crannies, and crevices between the carbon layers.
The intrinsic pore network in the lattice structure of activated carbons allows the removal of impurities from gaseous and liquid media through a mechanism referred to as Adsorption. This is the key to the performance of activated carbon.


Smell proof travel bag, odor resistant toiletry bag, mini duffle bag. Luggage traveling case. Made from activated carbon material. Water resistant zippers. Two interior pockets and one elastic band. Trappack dimensions

Weight: 8.2 oz

Length: 10 in

Width: 5 in

Height: 8 in

 What will Activated Carbon Remove?

Organic chemicals are attracted to carbon the best, meaning its perfect for your smelly goods. Volatile Organic Compounds such as Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, oils and some chlorinated compounds are also common target chemicals removed through use of carbon.